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About Us

Scrapcutting, Skinnskatteberg

Persbo Service AB began as a sole proprietorship in 1989 by Benny Eriksson with welding, montage and repairs as contracting services in focus. The company's extensive history with the Swedish energy giant ABB commenced in 1993 when Persbo Service AB made repairs at Barsebäck nuclear power plant, which became the foundation of the company as we know it today.

A significant development of the company occurred during the early 2000's when a number of construction machinery were purchased. The rapid expansion of the business demanded increased space and storage facilities which in 2007 resulted in the main operations of the company being moved to Håksberg industrial area where it remains active to this day.

Despite the changes the company has undergone we have retained a core of expertise and services derived from the demands of our customers, such as:



Many of these commissions and contracts have been accomplished in close cooperation with local entrepreneurs and suppliers which we would like to thank for the service they have provided, many times on short notice and under technical difficultiese.g.:


Thus there is a business model inseperable from Persbo Service AB's history and current state whose goal is to provide a skilled service through it's personnel whose diverse experiences shall function as a platform for qualified problem analysis and competent solutions.

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